Would you Dryclean more often if your Drycleaner had a Pick Up and Delivery Service?

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Dry cleaning is an age old business.  Modern dry cleaning use of non-water-based solvents to remove soil and stains from clothes was reported in 1855. … On March 3, 1821, Thomas L. Jennings became the first African-American to be granted a United States patent, for his cleaning process called “dry scouring,” which was the precursor to dry cleaning. Until recently the process of having your clothes dry cleaned was that  you would drop them off and pick them up from your dry cleaner. This is one of the last business that required you physically to go to the store twice. Another business that operated similar were the hiring of videos. These are now long gone.

With everyone being so busy time is very important and is scarce at times. From personal experience, I only go to the dry cleaners once every 2-3 months because its a hassle to drop them off and then pick them up. My dry cleaner does not offer pick up deliver, nor do they have locked boxes.

With technology comes change and some dry cleaners now offer pick up and delivery services. Others use drop boxes to service their customers 24/7. Smart or locked boxes is another way the industry has developed in terms of service. While these help you still need to go to the location so its still time consuming.

Question: Would you dry clean more if you could have a pick up and delivery service. Furthermore, if your local or usual dry cleaner who does not offer a pick up and delivery service starting offering one, would you be dry clean your clothes more often. I know I would.

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